Сделай сам — виза L1

У нас Вы можете приобрести пакет с инструкциями и примерами по делу L1 (Что такое виза L1?).

Пакет состоит из:

  1. Overview — The L-1 Visa
  2. Overview – The Blanket L Petition
  3. Step by step instructions guiding you through the Application Process an explanation of how the USCIS determines which applications they Accept & Reject Required Supporting Documents
  4. Sample Organizational Chart – Foreign Company
  5. Translation and Academic Evaluation Sources
  6. Setting up a new U.S. Subsidiary or Affiliate Company
  7. Writing the USCIS Cover Letter
  8. Sample L-1A Cover Letter
  9. Sample L-1B Cover Letter
  10. Form I-907, Request for Premium Processing Service
  11. Line by Line Instructions with Sample Answers
  12. Request for Additional Evidence — Commonly Requested Documents
  13. Applying for the L-2 Visa for Spouse and Children
  14. Applying for an Employer Sponsored Green Card – L-1B Holders
  15. Applying for an Employer Sponsored Green Card – L-1A Holders
  16. USCIS Form I-129 + L Supplement USCIS Instructions
  17. USCIS Regional Service Centers
  18. American Embassy Website
  19. Sample USCIS Forms:
  • Sample USCIS Form I-129 and Supplement L- Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker
  • Sample USCIS Form I-129S — Nonimmigrant Petition Based on Blanket L Petition
  • Sample USCIS Form I-907 – Request for Premium Processing Service

24. Blank Editable USCIS Forms:

  • Blank Editable USCIS Form I-129 — Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker.
  • Blank Editable USCIS Form I-129S — Nonimmigrant Petition Base on Blanket L Petition
  • Blank Editable USCIS Form I-907 – Request for Premium Processing Service

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