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Пакет состоит из:

Part One: EB1Extraordinary Ability Application Review and How to SelfPetition Your Case

1. How to Determine Petition Options, and Differences between EB1Extraordinary Ability and EB1Outstanding Researcher/Professor

2. The Most Important Aspects and Qualification Requirements for an EB1Extraordinary Ability Petition

3. The Advantage of Selfpetitioning and How to Selfpetition Your EB1Extraordinary Ability Case

Part Two: USCIS’ Adjudication Approach for EB1A Application, and Your Self-Evaluation

1. Understand USCIS’ TwoPart Approach for EB1A Adjudication, and the Requirements of Sustained National or International Acclaim

2. Detailed Analysis of TwoPart Approach for EB1A Adjudication Evidence Evaluation and Final Merits Determination

3. SelfEvaluation Questions as a Guidance to Increase Your EB1Extraordinary Ability Petition Approval Chance

Part Three: Petition Preparation, Complete List of Required Documents, and Most Common Mistakes for EB1A Petition

1. Detailed Analysis of EB1 Extraordinary Ability Application Criteria

2. How to Prepare Your EB1Extraordinary Ability Petition and Build a Strong Case

3. The Supporting Documents and a Complete List of Documents Required for EB1 Extraordinary Ability Petition

4. The Most Common Mistakes Made By Petitioners and How to Avoid Them

Part Four: Collecting Evidence to Meet Qualification Criteria, and the Proved Petition Strategies and Tips

1. How to Meet the Qualification Criteria and Present Powerful Evidence for Your EB1 Extraordinary Ability Petition

2. How to Collect the Required Evidence Effectively to Prove Your Extraordinary Ability

3. The Proved Strategies You Can Use for a Successful EB1Extraordinary Ability Petition

4. The Significant and Useful Tips for an Effective EB1Extraordinary Ability Petition

5. How to Search Your Publication Citations, and the Strategies of How to Overcome Low Citation Counts

Part Five: How to Write Reference Letters, and Samples of Reference Letters in Different Types and Fields

1. Special Considerations of How to Use Reference Letters as Supporting Evidence for Your Petition

2. Guidance for Reference Letters and How to Write Strong Reference Letters for Your EB1 Extraordinary Ability Petition

3. Sample Letter to Request a Reference Letter from an Expert in the Field Who Does Not Know You

4. Sample Reference Letter

Part Six: How to Write a Petition Cover Letter, Samples of Petition Cover Letter, and Samples of Filled Petition Forms

1. Understand Why the Petition Cover Letter Is the Most Important Part of Your EB1 Extraordinary Ability Petition

2. How to Show Your Achievement Effectively in the EB1Extraordinary Ability Petition Cover Letter

3. Detailed Instructions and Important Items of the Required Petition Forms

4. Sample Petition Cover Letter 1 for Form I140 Immigrant Petition of EB1Extraordinary Ability

5. Sample Petition Cover Letter 2 for Form I140 Immigrant Petition of EB1Extraordinary Ability

6. Sample of Filled Form I140 Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker (for Selfpetition)

7. Sample of Filled Form I140 Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker (for Employersponsored Petition)

8. Sample of Filled Form ETA 750B Statement of Qualifications of Alien

Part Seven: Petition Checklist, Petition Submission, Status Checking, USCIS Inquiries, and the Form I485 Application

1. How to Assemble Your Application Documents in a Nicely Package for Immigration Officer to Easily Locate the Evidence

2. A Complete Petition Checklist for Form I140 Immigration of EB1 Extraordinary Ability

3. How to Submit Your Form I140 Immigration Petition to an Appropriate USCIS Address

4. How to Check the I140 Petition Processing Time and Your Case Status

5. StepByStep Instructions of How to Inquiry NCSC and USCIS Service Centers for Your Pending Case Related Issues

6. Sample of a Pending I140 Application’s Current Status from USCIS Case Status Online

7. Your Next Step Filing Form I485 Application to Obtain Your Green Card

8. Advantages of Filing an I485 Application Early, and What Happens If the Priority Dates Retrogress

Part Eight: The Form I140 Premium Processing Service (Optional)

1. How to Request for a Premium Processing Service for Your Form I140 Petition

2. Sample of Filled Form I907 Request for Premium Processing Service

Part Nine: Understand the Request For Evidence (RFE) and Appeal Process, and How to Reply RFE and File an Appeal

1. Understand the Request For Evidence (RFE) and the Standard Outlined by USCIS to Increase Your Chance of Approval

2. How to Avoid the Request For Evidence (RFE) from USCIS, and What You Should Do If You Receive It

3. Example of a Denied Case, and How to Appeal a Denied EB1Extraordinary Ability Petition

4. Special Insight and Guidance to Reopen or Reconsider a Denied Case, or Refiling in the Same Category

Part Ten: Learn the Lessens from Other Applicants the Sample Case Studies for Request For evidence and Appeal

1. Sample RFE Case Study: Detailed Analysis of a Successful Approved EB1A Petition after Replying the Request For Evidence

2. Sample Appeal Case Studies: Detailed Analysis of 3 Approved EB1A Petitions for Academics or Researchers after Appeal

3. Sample Appeal Case Studies: Detailed Analysis of 5 Denied EB1A Petitions for Academics or Researchers after Appeal

4. Sample Appeal Case Studies: Detailed Analysis of 3 Denied EB1A Petitions for Artists or Actors after Appeal

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